How to Report a Power Outage to KCPL | KCPL Power Outage

Are you a KCPL electricity consumer and your house is on KCPL power outage? If yes, then you must have a question in your mind that How do I report a power outage to KCPL? Your query is going to solve here and you will get to know how you can report KCPL power outage to KCPL company. We have researched it already and we are going to mention all the methods like KCPL power outage number etc.

A Little about KCPL:

This is possible that you might have not knowledge about KCPL. This is the reason I am going to give some information about KCPL here. You don’t need to go anywhere else if you want to get some information about KCPL. So, let me tell you that KCPL is a company which generates electricity from coal, wind power and solar power. They provide their electricity in 45 northwest Missouri and eastern Kansas counties. They have the capacity of generating 6400 Megawatts electricity in a day. So that electricity requirement of these countries can be fulfilled.

KCPL is very concern about customer satisfaction. That’s why they give a good priority to their customers and they take action quickly on their customer’s complaint and also take suggestions from them. This is the reason that people love to be a customer of KCPL and it is the biggest electricity provider company in these areas.

How do I Report a Power Outage to KCPL:

report kcpl power outage

Now, you have good knowledge of the KCPL company. Many times, people face power outage due to several issues. In that case, they need to report KCPL power outage. But they don’t know how they can do it. If you are also on power outage then you need to go through the article and then you will be able to know how you can report a power outage to KCPL.

KCPL has an automated reporting way which is the fastest way to get information to their crews. They have a form type page on which you just need to enter your phone number which is registered in your KCPL account. You can also enter your account number or your address. Here is the link to KCPL power outage online form.

Then, they will report your complaint and your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

KCPL Power Outage Phone Number:

If you don’t want to follow above-mentioned process then you can also make a call to the KCPL. We have mentioned the phone number below.


So, this is the number which you need to call if your place is on KCPL power outage. However, KCPL claims that their online form and automated phone line are the quickest ways to get information to their crews.

What can you report by using these methods?

You can reportĀ  KCPL power outage which we are enlisting below.

  • Outdoor and security lighting outages
  • Unusual conditions, like tree limbs on power lines, leaning poles, and meter damage.

How to Confirm Your Outage?

Once you have reported your power outage then you can also confirm if your report has been filed or not. You can confirm outage by clicking here.

After opening this page, you just need to enter your confirmation number, you need to include leading zeros too if there are any. Now press continue in order to get confirmation status.

KCPL keeps last seven days reports available on this page.

Final Words:

So, this was our detailed article on KCPL power outage. You can file complain, report your power outage of KCPL and confirm your power outage too. KCPL is always quick in solving the power outage issue. They send their crew asap to the power outage place. You can also ask in the comment section if you have any other doubt regarding KCPL power outage.