What to Do For Preparing For Severe Weather? – KCPL Power

If your house electricity light is on KCPL power then you must know some things like what you can do in order to be prepared for severe weather. In this article, we are going to share some tips.

If you are prepared in advance then you can ensure your comfort and safety during a winter storm power outage. You just need to go through the article and you will be able to know all the actions you need to take when any storm is coming.

kcpl - understanding power outages - severe weather

Know KCPL Better:

It is obvious that you know about KCPL while you are a customer of this company but some people are not aware of it. So, we are going to explain some things about KCPL which a customer needs to know. So, if you are a KCPL electricity consumer then you must keep reading. KCPL is a company which generates electricity and provide it to their consumers.

They are using coal to generate electricity but they are working nature-friendly too. So, KCPL is using wind power and solar power too to generate electricity. This thing makes them different and better than other electricity company.

Also, KCPL believes in customer satisfaction, that’s why they have KCPL Customer Service which a customer can use to file a report and to give any suggestions. KCPL immediately take action and solve the customer’s issue.

Now You have a pretty good idea about KCPL company and it’s work. It’s time to get information about the actions you need to take in advance of severe weather.

What You Can Do:

If you are prepared in advance for severe weather then you will not lose your comfort and you can ensure your safety if a power outage happens due to the winter storm.

  • You can get familiar with KCPL’s online resources. They have shared some tips for being safe in a storm.
  • If any weather event is happening like storm then you can report KCPL power outage. They have their report outage map too which you can review so that you can understand and utilize their helpful features.
  • You can also develop shelter plans for an ice storm and tornado conditions. If you don’t know, you can find a list of warming shelters from United Way of Greater Kansas City.
  • You should also assemble severe weather kit which contains first-aid supplies, important phone numbers, and records, battery-powered lanterns or flashlights. You should keep extra batteries, a car charger for your mobile phone, water, and non-perishable food.
  • You can also secure your appliances and electronics from a lightning strike or power surge by using surge protection devices.
  • You should also keep a landline phone in the house as a back-up for your cordless or mobile phone. Also, learn how to open your garage door manually if you have one.
  • Keeping extra mobile phone batteries charged and on-hand is suggested.
  • If you have some electrically powered medical equipment in your house then you should ask your doctor about battery backup.

Final Words:

So, this was our guide on how you can be prepared for severe weather and get yourself safe while the weather event happens. Indeed KCPL is very quick and they solve their electricity issue asap but it is advisable to prepare yourself.